Confront Hiba Morgan, the TPLF Propagandist Hiding in Aljazeera News!

Lemma Dinka
Agust 8, 2021

Hiba Morgan is a reporter/ producer covering South Sudan, Sudan and Cameroon. She has been working with AlJazeera English for four years, including as a Deputy News Editor at the network headquarters in Doha.

Since the Tigrai People Liberation Front (TPLF) started its official terror on Ethiopia and the surrounding countries, Hiba Morgan has been serving TPLF just like a speaker while she is on Aljazeera Payroll.

According to Aljazeera website, Hiba Morgan is a producer and reporter for Aljazeera. But, since TPLF betrayed the Ethiopian Defense Force,  and massacred its members while they were asleep, Hiba Morgan has gotten another job- serving TPLF as false propagandist.

Traveling to the border city of Gadariff, Hiba Morgan misinforms the world siding with TPLF and its supporters.

Hiba Morgan:

  • Always presents the victimizers  as victims.
  • Hides the Amara, Gambella, ogaden, Sidama, and oromo genocide the TPLF and its supporters committed in Mycadra, Wolkyit, Raya, Gambella, Ogaden, Awassa, Ambo and other part of Ethiopia.
  • Does not want to report the “refugees” in Gedariff were once soldiers of TPLF, who were given Humera, the fertile land of Amara as gifts by TPLF.
  • Does not have the will to report that her “refugees” massacred innocent Amaras, including their Amara wives, before they cross the Sudan border.
  • Does not want to talk to the Amara or other victims on the Ethiopian side

It is time for  Ethiopians to confront Hiba Morgan, the TPLF propagandist hiding in Aljazeera News.

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