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Ethiopia’s Looming Covid-19 Third Wave Poses Serious Threat

Ministry warns citizens to take firm precaution

ADDIS ABABA- Ministry of Health has announced that third wave of coronavirus has reached at alarming stage as new variants are rife much more than that of the previous one.

Health minister Dr. LiaTadesse said that the virus is alarmingly spreading across the country. Some5547 cases were identified last week and 792 individuals have been found contracted the virus a day, he said.

As to her, last Saturday’s is the highest record of the casesin the nation a day since the outbreak of the pandemic. This means again, more than a thousand has never been verified in a single day until last Saturday.

Unexpectedly, the virus is spreading at a speedy rate more than any time before with wave dimension.

All citizens have to be mindful of the precaution measures, she said, and take all the potential means to contain the rapid prevalence of COVID-19. About 510 patients are in Intensive care Unit and nine individuals died, and the death rate hits high day by day, she underscored.

“The ministry has been working on vaccination, and some 3.3 million citizens have been vaccinated so far, but not sufficient. Everyone should properly apply the ways proposed by the ministry to well protect themselves from the pandemic and consolidate the fight against it since the country might encounter vaccine shortage,” she added.

Ethiopian Herald.

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