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Did a Nobel Peace Laureate Stoke a Civil War?

After Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, ended a decades-long border conflict, he was heralded as a unifier. Now critics accuse him of tearing the country apart. By Jon Lee Anderson  The New Yorker. September 26, 2022 Abiy

the UN’s Truth-Laundering Can’t Get It Out

Tizita Mengistu Sources consulted by investigators for the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia say they are appalled by the “unprofessional” and incomplete result of its newly released

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Al Mariam’s Commentaries August 25, 2022 ETHIOPIAN AMERICANS! JOIN ME IN GETTING THE U.S. GOVERNMENT TO REDESIGNATE THE TPLF A “FOREIGN TERRORIST ORGANIZATION”! [Al Mariam’s “Twitter Droppings” for August 24, 2022, at the end.] On August

Hope in Ethiopia?  

Published by Permission from the Journal of defense & Foreign Affairs Special Analysis Founded in

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